"Brevity is the soul of wit" - Hamlet

"Technology is a trickster and it has been so since the first culture hero taught the human tribe how to spin wool before he pulled it over our eyes..."
- Erik Davis, TechGnosis

"Life is the sum of all your choices" - Albert Camus


Shaft/Casino Royal

With an interest in the revelations, metaphors and critiques that can arise from the visualization of "big data", I plotted all the frames from two films and their remakes against saturation and brightness. What differences do you see in the aesthetic of the remakes as compared to the originals?

Here is a closer look:

Instagram Filters

Continuing in my interest of how data viz can reveal more about how behaviours, I plotted the hue and brightness of one year's worth of my Instagram photos (with and without filters) and compare their visual qualities. I realized that when I had the choice of several filters, I tended to stay within a narrow hue range (antique filters mainly). Possibly a clue to my style? Or maybe I'm more hipster than I would like to think.

Higher Education Presentation

Quantifiable data for the education industry.

Playformance Images

Data-driven visualizations designed for my artistic practise, Playformance.

Onemile Interactive GUI Design

Onemile is a project with the goal of creating a social connection revolving around sharing past experiences. The system uses a hood, which records the experiences of the wearer (light, sounds, and step) at random times. These recordings are transmitted to a base station whenever the hood comes into proximity, triggering data visualization of that recording. The interactive GUI (written in Java) reacts to rollovers, clicks and user proximity to the base station to reveal the various data visualizations. To see the visualization in action click here.

Thesis Ideation

Here is all you need to know about the thesis process :)