"Brevity is the soul of wit" - Hamlet

"Technology is a trickster and it has been so since the first culture hero taught the human tribe how to spin wool before he pulled it over our eyes..."
- Erik Davis, TechGnosis

"Life is the sum of all your choices" - Albert Camus

"Like children we spill the salt, and then we spill it again" - Rumi



feature-length documentary, 2019
Associate Producer
(in production, licensed by CBC)


short-length documentary, 2019
(in production, funded by the Canadian Arts Council)

Logline: An Iranian refugee flies in to Toronto to witness his son’s (filmmaker) community installation for an all-night arts festival in Toronto. The process is a reminder of their shared history, but it surfaces frustrations rooted in their inadvertent yet sharply contrasted cultural differences.


Series of projection mapping workshops geared for live theatre, LIFT. Fall 2018

feature film, 2020
(in development, funding pending)

Logline: reality and the virtual blur as an artist prepares to meet an unexpected guest at the most ambitious installation of his career yet.

Premise: one must be weary when gazing into the abyss for slowly but surely it can overtake your entire life transforming you to that which you've most feared.

Synopsis: Magi is a world-renowned artist and tech genius that has always felt disconnected from society with little interest in people around him. except for the artwork - that is until he hears that his estranged mother will be attending his upcoming installation...Tormented by reality-distorting hallucinations enhanced by cybernetic implants, Magi is set on the path to self-destruction when reality is blurred with his virtual creations. His personal assistant, Sana is the only one that he truly cares for, but she too is pushed away. On the road to redemption, interrogated by his dark past, Magi must be cautious when gazing into the abyss for slowly it can overtake his entire life, transforming him to that which he's most feared.


live multimedia performance, SummerWorks 2018 (Aug 17-19)
Funded by The Ontario Arts Council

The exploration the artistic synthesis between emerging technologies, and traditional Inuit knowledge around well being, expressed through song and modern forms of storytelling. We posit that vibration-sensing technology and the subsequent visualizations generated from the human voice in real-time hold the potential to extend the artistic expression of a performer.