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Maziar Ghaderi is a Toronto-based multimedia designer, producer and director that works with visual media and interactive technology. With a background in multimedia production, his work is situated at the intersection of technology, the experiential and creative direction.

Maziar's work has been curated in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, LA, Istanbul, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the merit of his artistic practise and design research has been recognized by the International Symposium on Electronic Art (2014), The Creator's Project (2014 & 2015), Textbook, Crew Magazine, The Globe & Mail (2x, 2015), IxDA (2013) and SIGGRAPH (2013). He has also presented at eLeo, Augmented Cinema Film Festival, Toronto Wearables Meetup, Mesh, Intersections14, SummerWorks Festival, Luminato Festival, HarbourFront Centre's HATCH festival, Sumahan Art Centre, The Fridge Dubai, Nuit Blanche: Les Rues Des Refusés, Ontario Centre of Excellence and has co-authored several academic articles for design conferences. Past clients include Fair Trade Vancouver, Soho House Toronto, Amnesty International, Oxfam, OCADU, Agentic Digital media, and CAMH.

Under the direction of Marina Abramovic, Maziar was the media producer and on-site technical assistant for the 2013 Luminato Festival's MAI Prototype, and has directed and produced his original work, Dissolving Self for International Symposium on Electronic Art 2014 (ISEA) held in Dubai.

Other notable projects include UX design research and prototyping for BRAVA (Brazilian Visual Analytics), a Boeing-funded international multidisciplinary collaboration that investigates how NUIs (Natural User Interfaces) and data visualization can enhance communication among health professionals in the management of "big data".

Maziar is also the founder and creative director of the international art collective, Nightmarket and holds a Diploma in Marketing Management, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from McGill University, a Bachelors in Media Studies and a Masters in Design.

In past lives, Maziar has filmed obscure shorts in Vancouver, cut limes in Montreal, sold phrasal verbs in Brazil and worn cotton diapers in Tehran.

Upcoming project(s) include:

- Mirada, a holographic fire installation that reacts to sensory inputs (Nuit Blanche, Oct 2015, The Hilton, Toronto).

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